1. When is When Devils Strike coming out?
Its scheduled to come out October 5, 2004 but thats not set in stone. Were about 90% sure that this will be the release date. But we will let you know when we are 100% sure.

2. When is Los getting out of jail?           
The appeal process takes around 1 to 7 years so were hoping it wont take too long.  good to see all my cousins, uncles, and friends but Id like to go home now.

3. Why is there so many rumors floating around that Los is dead?
Obviously its because people care. And Im indeed honored that people care. Whether they loved hearing I was dead or hated hearing it, the fact remains that its one of those juicy rumors. I remember one day I got like 30 phone calls from people asking if I was ok. That was like in 1999. Some dude got beat up very badly and left in an ambulance. It was at a club and that dude was saying he was SPM before he got tore up. I was at the movies that night. Its just an example of how words can spread so quickly and how people usually believe them. But sometimes rumors are true; just in this case its not. I am alive and well thank you.

4. What is the Hustletown movie to be based on?
The life and times of South Park Mexican and then some.

If you are looking for a place to record your album or just one song, DFO may be able to help. We have two experienced engineers on site.  Pain and Shadow have proven their skills with every album recorded for Dope House since the "Third Wish" project, including the Grammy nominated "Time IS Money", and the "purity" and "Never Change" projects with Universal Records. Their proven track record speaks for itself with record sales exceeding 250,000 copies per album, their sound is quality!

Whether you are looking for beats, or just a place to put your lyrics down, this is the place. It is equipped with today's top of the line recording and editing instruments (GP4, DP3 & DP4, Nueman mic) with most of the keyboards and drum machines that people demand in today's market.
Rates are as follows :
  - beat on track (NO EXCEPTIONS - NO DEALS)
  - Per hour - (NO DEALS)
  - For mastering  - (NO DEALS)

713-862-4052 ask for shadow or pain

Please send a demo in CD  or cassette format with all of your contact info and a small bio of your group or your self. Remember Dope House is always looking for fresh talent. All demos will not be returned. If Interested we will call you  DO NOT CALL US!

Dope House Records
attn: Demos
P.O. Box 3246
Houston, TX 77253

in stores now:
Man hold up ! that boy Lucky Luciano prepares to drop his sophomore album entitled "You Already Know"  Lucky Luciano the Latin artist based outta Houston , TX known for his freestyle flow, heats of some banging beats.

in stores now:
Say no more as Grimm heads up with his second release off of Dope House.

in stores now:
Rasheed plans on releasing his sophomore CD entitled 21st century. You defiantly know what to expect coming from this artist nothing but PURE roughness

SPM has a NEW album comeing out called *When Devils Strike* comeing out but not yet sure when it well be out.  


No Set Trippin


Relatively a newcomer in the music scene, Juan Gotti has sped past other relative veterans to become a favorite in clubs and performance venues in states like Texas, Louisiana, Colorado and Arkansas. Fans dont have to wait anymore to have the crunkest game right in their living room with Juans debut No Set Tripping.

Juan was born in Eagle Pass, Texas, as the only child born in the US of a Mexican family. Around the age of eight, his family moved to Galveston briefly before finally settling in south side of Houston. He was raised in the rough streets of his hood and by his late teens, he proved to be a rebel at heart by getting in trouble but he also showed his potential as an artist by learning airbrushing and tatooing. "

 Grimm Interview with Mr.Childs. Just click the *interview botton.


O.K., I will describe the ways in which I, SPM, began a rap career. Many say that they have a complete album written. They have at least 18 songs or so, all complete. I had at least 200 songs written before I recorded my first song. I didnt step into a studio until I was sure my writing skills were above competition. I wrote songs for two years straight.

One day, after writing a song called Revenge I said, They cant stop me. I then paid a friend of mine a few hundred dollars to make me some music. If you dont make your own beats then find someone who can make some good beats. Ill add that Dope House has many producers that can sell you some tight beats for a good price. After you get your beats, then write a new song that that fits the beat like a glove. You can use bits and pieces of old songs just to bleed the best stuff into one song. Then find a cheap but good studio to record your music.

A good, cheap studio can cost from to an hour. As long as you have your song down packed, you can record it in about 2 to 3 hours. (Roughly a song to record.) I started with four songs; then I screwed them to make 8; then I put an instrumental on the tape to make a total of 9 songs. This was when tapes were more popular but now its all about CDs, MP3s, DVDs, etc. Anyways, once you get some songs together, you need to start slangin. Make some copies by either burning some or getting them pressed.

You can go to different places and get 100 CDs burned for about . Sell your CDs everywhere you go. (Malls, carnivals, movies, car shows, anywhere.) You have to start building your name. Once you start making some noise and selling CDs, then youll have a better chance at getting a record deal.

Record companies want artists that already have a demand for them. Its up to you to build that demand. Plus, that will prove that your music is good because people are spreading the word. If your songs arent that good, then people wont really be blowing you up. It takes a lot of hustle, but I will admit that you can hustle till your heart drops; but if the talent isnt there, then people wont blow you up. So, Ill sum it up:

  1. Write over 100 songs so that you can use them as archives to write hits.
  2. Get some beats and write songs directly to those beats.
  3. Record your songs only after you have them totally memorized and down packed so you dont waste studio time.
  4. Make 50 to 100 copies of your 4-6 songs and start slangin! If youre from the South youll need to also screw those songs on your CD. We love screw!
  5. Keep slangintill your name blows up and youll be a commodity to record labels.



Mr.Childs: So how long you been in the rap game playa?
a little over 5yrs now
Mr.Childs: So who in the game has influenced you
Allot of rappers have influenced me but i would have to defiantly say, Street Military
Ice Tea, Run DMC, just to name a few
Mr.Childs: I hear Gerado who did rico suave really pushed you to get in the game... haaaaaa jk
man you trippin (as he laughs)
Mr.Childs: So how did you hook up with Dope house:
i used to be Low G's Tattoo artist and was introduced threw him about 5yrs ago
Mr.Childs: wow so how long have you been tattooing?
id say since i was 17
is there a certain style of tattooing you like
Defiantly that would be surrealism
Mr.Childs: wow tattoos and rap who would of ever guessed :), so how many tattoos do you have and do you have any on your
(laughs) you trippin none on my nagalas and the rest is to many to count.
Mr.Childs: so there was a lot of hype about your first release, what has been the overall response on yer
past album.
well lets just say i sold 1000 cd's in 1 weekend the first weekend. ;)
Mr.Childs: dayum, now that playa .
Mr.Childs: on this latest release El Mas Locate Mix What kind of vibe you coming across with.
well basically i wanted to create a mix that I would enjoy. something defiantly that i would bump in the trunk.

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